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Cellulose thinner

Cellulose thinner is mainly used for applying cellulose paint, such as metal paints and metal varnish. Can be used as a cleaning tip for cleaning paint guns and paint brushes.

Synthetic thinner

Synthetic thinner is mainly used for applying synthetic paint. Surface degreasing. Can be used as a cleaning tip for cleaning paint guns and paint brushes.

Silicone remover

Silicone remover is mainly used for cleaning and degreasing surface before painting in the bodywork world, safe to use on various types of surfaces

Thinner 2002 (toluene & xylene free)

Thinner 2002 is a thinner specially designed so that it no longer contains the harmful toluene and xleen. Mainly used in the car paint industry.

Additional solvents available :


Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)

Butyl acetate



White spirit D40

Solenets and thinners are not only suitable as paint thinners, but also as cleaners and degreasers. Glue, including superglue, can be removed thoroughly with it. Incidentally, the thinner can affect some substrates. Inhalation of the vapors is also not harmless, and can lead to organic psychosyndrome in the event of prolonged exposure (at high concentrations, acute complaints are also possible, such as dizziness).

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