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Coolant tropic engine

Coolant tropic motor

Product Description:

Coolant Tropic is a coolant of the latest generation. It is resistant to high temperatures and for all types of petrol and diesel engines thanks to its high thermal conductivity. The Coolant tropic protects against corrosion on all parts of the circuit with which it comes into contact (cylinder head, radiator, pump, heat exchanger, engine block, etc.) it is suitable for all heavy or light vehicles and allows to meet the specifications manufacturer’s loads, miscible with all coolants.

Coolant tropic has been specially developed for warm countries, provides the correct lubrication to the line and engine. Only intended for export.

Antifreeze – Windscreen washer – Antifreeze and coolant:

When the cold weather approaches, it is important to check the frost protection properties of the cooling system and windscreen washer system. It is no longer allowed to use all types of coolant in the cars of recent years. If topping up is necessary, use the coolant specified for your vehicle. Mixing different types of coolant and antifreeze can have harmful consequences for your car's engine, such as loose oxidation layers that can cause clogging and which will not benefit your water pump and head gasket in the long term.

Check to what degrees of frost your car is protected:

If you are not sure whether your car’s engine is sufficiently protected against frost, you can check the antifreeze / coolant yourself. You do this with the help of an antifreeze meter. It is very simple, you remove the radiator cap (be careful when the engine is warm) and put the hose of the antifreeze meter in the liquid, you suck up the liquid and look at the scale to how many degrees of frost the engine is protected. The advantage is that the antifreeze meter can be purchased for a few euros.

Difference in coolant: Which (color) coolant to use?

Which coolant should be in my car? A frequently asked question, you come across Coolant tropic in all kinds of colors, namely red, green and blue. These colors indicate which type and year of manufacture the car is suitable for. At an automaterialen store or on this page you can, or someone can, with the help of your license plate, look up which coolant is suitable for your car. (Refresh has cooling system in time). If you have refreshed the cooling system, then drain the cooling system completely, fill it with water, let the car warm up until the thermostat opens, (water drops), then drain the cooling system again. Next, you fill the cooling system with the correct coolant. Let the car warm up until the thermostat opens again and top up the cooling system to the correct level.


Coolant tropic is composed of a 50/50 mixture of water, antifreeze and additives. Because antifreeze package consists of (approximately) 92% glycol, 5% additives and 3% water, 100% coolant consists of 51.5% water, 46% glycol and 2.5% additives. The water must meet a number of requirements to be suitable as cooling water. The acidity, the hardness, and the amounts of sulfates, chlorine and other undesirable substances must fall within certain limits. ,/span> Antifreeze is still often used in the older cars, it is a homogeneous stable product based on mono-ethylene glycol. It is composed according to regulations of European automobile manufacturers. Antifreeze contains additives that provide protection against corrosion and foam formation. Due to the high reserve alkalinity, the cooling system is effectively protected against rust for a very long time. Antifreeze is completely safe for rubbers, plastics, metals and aluminum or their alloys.
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