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Always use the appropriate material intended for the parts cleaning table. Hard brush:
Soft Brush
Boost pump

Cleaning table parts drip trays

Drip trays manufactured from 2mm steel with a removable grid.

Dimensions: , H34.5cm x W83cm x L125cm

Article Hazardous liquids

§ 1.
Unless stipulated otherwise in the applicable regulations or in the environmental permit for the operation of the classified establishment or activity, above-ground tanks or vessels containing liquids from Annex 2B and hazardous liquids according to the CLP Regulation must be placed in a bund that complies under the following conditions:
the floors and walls must be resistant to the action of the stored liquids and must be able to withstand the mass of liquid that can escape from the largest tank or vessel placed in the bund in the event of a leak.
pipes or ducts may only be led through the walls if adequate seals are used.
the walls must be fitted with rescue ladders or stairs at least every 50 meters.
In addition, for tanks and vessels with a water content of more than 220 liters:
a minimum distance equal to half the height of the tanks or vessels must be left between them and the inner bottom of the walls;
a passage of at least 1 meter width between the tanks, the barrel storage and the walls are completely left free.
The containment referred to in § 1 must have a capacity equal to or greater than:
half of the total capacity of the tanks or vessels placed therein;
the capacity of the largest tank or vessel, plus 25% of the total capacity of the other tanks or vessels installed in the bund.
For the storage of drums and cans with a water content of less than 220 litres, the bund capacity may be limited to 10 % of the total capacity of the kegs or canisters stored therein.
§ 3

In case of repair of one of the tanks that is part of a group of tanks or vessels installed in the same bund, this tank must be surrounded throughout the repair period by a liquid-tight wall, the height of which is equal to that of the upright rim or walls that surrounds the whole group.

Cleaning table parts

Only liquids may be stored in one and the same tank which, when mixed, can either not cause any or only a chemical reaction in which the formation of hazardous substances other than those stored within the tank is excluded.
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