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Product information


Parts cleaning table in workbench model with large work surface, cover and gas pressure springs, is a durable, stable, industrial and user-friendly parts cleaner. In addition, the cover ensures even greater safety and offers ideal protection for the work surface.


Parts cleaning table is specially developed and constructed for cleaning large and heavy parts. Ideal for cleaning parts in the repair and maintenance sector, garages, industry.


Due to its concept, the parts cleaner ensures a circulation of the product (until saturation), which reduces the burden on the environment and excludes the possibility of leaks. When you switch on the parts cleaner, the product is sucked out of the barrel by means of the pump. You can use the special liquid brush to clean the contaminated parts together with the delta Special Degreasers. The used product flows back into the barrel via the drain. The polluted and clean product are placed on top of each other in the vessel, so that you can always clean with clean product until saturation.
  • Ideal working height!
  • Easy install within 2 minutes!
  • Through-feed brush for improved degreasing and cleaning of tools, parts or other products
  • Extra storage space under the degreaser tray
  • Very suitable for Large and Heavy parts
The industrial degreaser box has a large storage space under the box that can hold a 60L barrel or 200L barreldegreasercan be placed. Lid and gas springs are recommended for keeping the container clean and fire safety. The gas springs ensure that the lid can be opened and closed easily and that it remains vertical. The lid closes perfectly on the industrial parts cleaner by means of a hard rubber edge.


Will be packed individually. Already assembled.

These tables can also be rented with a contact collection and product delivery included.

Technical information

Cleaning table parts
DimensionsLarge model 200L.Small model 60L.
gas springsYesYes

Product for the parts cleaning table :

DELTA – 5088 is a cold degreaser and is completely odorless.


DELTA – 5088 is composed of aliphatic solvents with a particularly low aromatic content

(max. 0.5%) and can therefore be processed SAFELY in most situations.

The grease and oil-dissolving capacity of DELTA-5088 is without a doubt great, so that the intended degree of cleanliness of the objects to be cleaned is quickly reached.

The evaporation rate of DELTA-5088 is in the slow range. Although cleaned articles can be air dried, if shorter drying times are desired, use can also be made of a hot air dryer whose temperature of the circulating air at 50°C cannot exceed.

DELTA-5088 is skin-friendly and does not affect cured paints. It is almost odorless and therefore pleasant to use

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