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OptiSpray ™

OptiSpray™ is ideal for low engine load fleets or those operating in cold conditions: city buses, city distribution, garbage trucks and other low engine load applications. However, OptiSpray™ can also be used with SCR vehicles operating with high engine loads and long distances; So you don’t have to use two separate urea solution products in mixed engine fleets. OptiSpray ™ will meet all your needs.

OptiSpray™ is available in 1000 liter IBCs and can be dosed with your dedicated AdBlue® equipment. It is also available in pallets of 60 x 10L cans.

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Welcome to Delta Sol! You can contact us for the purchase of Optispray 10 liter jerry cans, Optispray 210 liter drums, Optispray pumps without flow meter, Optispray pumps with flow meter and 1,000 liter IBCs as bulk delivery, directly to your location.

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What is OptiSpray™?

OptiSpray ™ is designed to reduce the possibility of urea sludge build-up in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems used in heavy duty diesel vehicles and is especially relevant for applications involving low average engine load, driving behavior with lots of stop-and-go and a high idling rate.

OptiSpray™ was developed in response to a special request from end users and manufacturers (OEMs): the effects of adblue OptiSpray have been extensively tested on an engine test stand and in field tests, with very good results. The product’s operational issues related to sediment build-up in the exhaust system have been completely resolved during selected field tests.

Optispray™ is used to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles equipped with SCR technology.

Optispray™ converts harmful NOx in the exhaust gases of your diesel vehicle into harmless nitrogen and water vapour, thereby significantly reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions which are a major source of air pollution and cause smog. According to research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), NOx emissions exacerbate asthma. Since 2005, European regulations for diesel vehicles require drastic reductions in NOx emissions. Vehicle manufacturers, with heavy commercial vehicle manufacturers in the lead, were forced to redesign their vehicles’ exhaust systems. More and more diesel cars, tractors and other “non-road” vehicles are now also equipped with SCR technology in their exhaust system.

Optispray™ for commercial vehicles

If you own a commercial vehicle equipped with SCR technology for the Euro IV, V or Euro VI emission standard, you need Optispray™. This applies to the following vehicles:

  • Commercial vehicles with SCR technology, such as trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, etc.
  • Light commercial vehicles with SCR technology, such as vans
  • Vehicles for passenger transport, such as coaches, buses, school buses, minibuses, etc.
Since 2005 we have worked with fleet owners and guided them in their choice of Optispray™ and Optispray™ equipment.

Which Optispray™ should I buy?

Whatever your needs are, we have the right packaging for you! Your choice depends on your consumption and the size of your commercial vehicle fleet and the number of vehicles with SCR technology that must comply with Euro IV, V or VI in your possession, whether you have trucks, buses, coaches or light commercial vehicles.

Make sure you buy “Optispray” and not a product called “urea solution”. The product you use must meet very strict ISO standards, otherwise you risk contaminating the SCR system in your vehicle. Contact us and we will help you make the right choice according to your needs. Buy Optispray Brussels? We supply Optispray in the following packaging: 10 liter jerry cans, 210 liter drums, and 1,000 liter IBCs as bulk delivery, directly to your location.

Processing and storage of Optispray®

The storage and handling of Optispray is very easy because it is a harmless and harmless liquid.

Storing Optispray™

Optispray should be stored within a temperature range of 0°C and 30°C and out of direct sunlight. When not in use, it should be kept tightly sealed. Optispray can freeze at -11°C, so it is important that you choose a storage location that is not exposed to even lower temperatures. If Optispray is frozen, it can return to its original state by thawing and be used again. The storage area must be clean and free of dust to avoid contamination, especially when Optispray is being refilled in a vehicle. If you have purchased Optispray in a pack, we will supply the Optispray in sealed packs. If you follow the storage instructions, Optispray can be stored for up to a year. If you want to store Optispray for longer or under difficult conditions, for example for a combine harvester, it is better to drain the Optispray first or to analyze the Optispray to make sure that the Optispray is within the required range at the time of use. specifications.

Handle Optispray™

Do not use old diesel or oil drums to transfer Optispray to the tank. Any non-specific equipment can contaminate the Optispray. Even small amounts of fuel, oil or lubricant can damage your SCR system. When you refill Optispray, you do not need to wear protective clothing. However, we advise you to wear gloves to avoid irritation of sensitive skin. Read the safety data sheet on Optispray when handling large quantities of Optispray.


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