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DRYṪALL Diamix is ​​a dry disinfectant that is used as an absorbent substance between the ground cover in stables.

Advantages of DRYṪALL:

  • Neutralizes ammonia and hydrogen sulfide odors
  • Reduces the risk of mouth or skin infections in the animals
  • Prevents the development of harmful bacteria and fungi due to its antibacterial properties
  • Improves the hygienic conditions for the young animals
  • Destroys harmful eggs and larvae
  • Regulates the temperature of the ground cover
  • Very moisture absorbent
  • Better hygienic conditions for livestock
  • Very economical
  • Better working conditions for people in the stables

DRYṪALL Diamix 4 varieties:


DRYṪALL Eco is a granulated substance; natural and environmentally friendly without chemical or artificial additives.


DRYṪALL Diamixl Powder is a powdered substance with essential oils to protect livestock against pests and all kinds of fungi


DRYṪALL DIAMIX Powder Plus is an odor neutralizing substance with essential oils and a high water absorption capacity (up to 200%). (not available on the European market for the time being)


DRYṪALL DIAMIX Bio Active Plus is an odor neutralizing substance with essential oils, a high water absorption capacity and a low adhesive strength.

Application DRYṪALL:

I) Regular stable maintenance:


  • Clean the stables, remove the manure
  • Scrub and dry the floor
  • Create a new layer of ground cover (straw or something else)
  • Sprinkle the powder on the ground cover, 100 g/m2  (4-6 handfuls of straw)

Pay extra attention to the floor and wall joints and corners, where moisture and dirt remain. The stables must be cleaned regularly. (1-2 times a week).

II) Treatment and prevention of : Burning by ammonia at the legs

  •  Sprinkle DRYṪALL to avoid ammonia burns to legs in poultry

hoof diseases

In case of hoof disorders, use DRYṪALL to clean and pre-treat the wound. Sprinkle DRYṪALL on the ground under the hooves for best results. Keep doing this until healing and keep doing this for prevention. Due to its drying effect and neutralizing fungal spores, DRYTALL reduces the risk of porous hooves or hoof rot.


DRYṪALL can be supplied in big bags and paper bags.

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