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Diatomaceous Earth Diamix Debuzzer

Diatomaceous Earth Diamix Debuzzer

Brand: DEBUZZZER is one of the most effective ways to get rid of pests, and most importantly, it’s completely eco-friendly too.


DEBUZZZER is a natural and ecologically clean product;
DEBUZZER does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals;
Pests do not adapt to DEBUZZZER as they do to chemicals due to the fact that DEBUZZER works mechanically;
DEBUZZZER is safe for people, pets and plants;
There is no need to avoid treated rooms or protect children during the period when DEBUZZZER is active;
Complete absence of odor: DEBUZZZER is a natural product made from 100% diatomaceous earth.

Advantages of DEBUZZER

Protection against fleas, cockroaches and bed bugs;
Getting rid of fleas on pets;
Protection of vegetable and garden crops against pests;
Dehelmiticization (protection against parasitic infestations of pets);< br />Efficient storage of grains.

Application of DEBUZZER:

DEBUZZZER is a natural ecologically clean material used to protect various types of pests in homes, gardens and granaries
How does DEBUZZZER work?
DEBUZZZER is an abrasive powder composed of solid microparticles with a specific “ cutting” shape;
Any hexapod that passes through the powder dies dehydration: the sharp edges of microparticles scrape the
top layer of the chitinous sheath of pests, preventing them from evaporating moisture;
Being excellent absorbent, DEBUZZZER absorbs water and physiological fluids from pests, causing their death via dehydration;
Hexapods cannot adapt to DEBUZZZER in the same way adapt to chemical products due to the fact that DEBUZZER works on a mechanical basis .

Application of DEBUZZER

DEBUZZZER for safe grain storage Application method: It is recommended to dry dust with DEBUZZZER powder at a ratio of 3 kg per ton of grain. DEBUZZZER for dehelmithization (protection against parasitic infestations in pets) DEBUZZER eliminates the internal pathogenic bacteria and fungi of large and small ruminants, carnivores, rodents (rabbits, nutria), pigs, horses and birds. To remove parasitic infestations, DEBUZZZER should be applied at the following rates: Cows/Horses: 30-60 grams per day; Sheep / Goats: 15 grams per day; Chickens and other poultry: 2% of the dry weight of feed per day.

DEBUZZZER against fleas, cockroaches and bed bugs

DEBUZZZER is a natural product that can protect the house from all pests and hexapods without any chemical intervention. Application: 1) Spray DEBUZZZER around windows, doorways and baseboards, as well as rugs and carpets; 2) Vacuum all areas treated with DEBUZZZER within 3-4 hours to remove powder and kill pests; 3) Repeat this procedure two or three times for three days. For complete protection against parasites, the procedure should be repeated after 10 days to cover all stages of the hexapod life cycle; 4) When applied within a home, the entire perimeter of the home should be treated DEBUZZER and then treated again within 10 days.

DEBUZZZER for getting rid of fleas on pets

Flea collars and medicines contain chemicals that are harmful to humans and animals. DEBUZZZER is a non-chemical way to get rid of fleas on your pet. Method of application: 1) Powder an animal with DEBUZZZER and rub the powder deeper into the undercoat. DEBUZZZER kills fleas in two ways: by drying out hexapods and damaging their exoskeletons. 2) Apply DEBUZZZER powder to all of the pet’s mats and basket. Vacuum all rugs within three days. There is no need to remove DEBUZZZER from the animal. DEBUZZER to protect vegetables and horticultural crops DEBUZZER is especially effective against aphids and other garden pests Application Instructions: 1) The treatment should be carried out in dry weather; 2) Average rate of administration: dust or spray with a solution of DEBUZZER at a ratio of 60 g per liter of water; 3) Treat plants evenly with DEBUZZZER and handle trunks of trees and shrubs with care; 4) Apply DEBUZZZER directly to ant hills; 5) Handle plant parts damaged by aphids with care.

External use

Massage it in on furry animals and powder it under the plumage of birds. Also treat the environment against these nuisances, in animal housing, the mats and blankets of dogs and cats, etc. For larger surfaces and to prevent inhalation when also dissolved in water and thus e.g. sprayed into the environment. 1 kg per 30 liters of water. Red mite in chickens, for example, hides during the day in all kinds of cracks and holes to move to the chicken at night to suck blood. But blood spatter on eggs comes from engorged red mite, so they can also be active during the day! By treating the environment, these annoying animals come into contact with the diatoms and then become damaged / dehydrated. Of course it does not work as violently as chemical agents so you will have to repeat it until you see that the animals have disappeared and the animals are no longer bothered. Repeat every 3 days, if further red mite is found, it is of course better to treat the loft preventively.

Use with care

Diatomaceous earth Diamix Debuzzer itself is absolutely not harmful, but try as much as possible to prevent it from being inhaled directly or getting into the eyes. Due to the strong drying effect, this can cause irritation on the mucous membranes. Truly a multi-applicable product and pure nature.

Diatomaceous earth Diamix Debuzzer itself is absolutely not harmful, but try as much as possible to prevent it from being inhaled directly or getting into the eyes. Due to the strong drying effect, this can cause irritation on the mucous membranes. Truly a multi-applicable product and pure nature.

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