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Delta W.50 Super Degreaser


In addition to the specific application areas of Delta W.50 Super Degreaser (deep cleaning and odor neutralizing cleaning of diesel and heating oil and cleaning after fire), Delta W.50 Super Degreaser can be generally used in and around the workshop, such as cleaning parts and tools, engines, machines, lifting bridges, freight and passenger cars, garages, tiled floors and walls, concrete floors and walls, etc.

The products are used for general cleaning purposes and by fire brigades and specialized cleaning companies at:

Oil traces;

Damage due to overflow of fuel oil (also in boiler cellars);

Deep cleaning on porous concrete floors before coating; environmental damage to floors and in the ground from spilled oil, etc.


Strong pollution:
Apply Delta W.50 Super Degreaser pure (or dilute with water 1:5 – 1:10) and mix with the contamination (brush until foam is formed).

Allow to act briefly and rinse with clean water or with a high-pressure cleaner.

Normal pollution:

Dilute with water 1:25 to 1:40

Delta W.50 Super Degreaser Fire Department!

Biodegradable deep cleaning and odor neutralizing cleaning product.

Delta W.50 Super Degreaser has been specially developed for environmentally safe cleaning of and oil removal on and in oil – diesel – petrol – engine antifreeze, leaks after an accident on work floors, streets, etc.

Delta W.50 Super Degreaser is already being used by the fire brigade for the rapid and effective fight against accidents on public roads (for the removal of oil-diesel-petrol-grease traces, released during accidents).

Expensive and labour-intensive soil remediation is often no longer necessary due to the use of Delta W.50 Super Degreaser.

With Delta W.50 Super Degreaser, floors of stone and/or concrete, asphalt contaminated by oil can be cleaned without any problems, even if the oil/diesel/petrol/engine antifreeze has already penetrated.

How does the W.50

Due to the extremely low viscosity, Delta-W.50 penetrates into the capillary structure of the porous substrate and divides the penetrated oil/diesel/petrol/antifreeze into microparticles; the buoyant force transports these particles back to the surface. Dilution to be used 1: 50 to 1 per 100 liters of water.


In addition to the specific areas of application and Delta-W.50 (deep cleaning and odor neutralizing cleaning of diesel and fuel oil and cleaning after fire), Delta-W.50 can be used in general in and around the workplace, such as cleaning parts and tools, engines, machines, lift bridges, trucks and passenger cars, garages, tiled floors and walls, floors and walls made of concrete, etc.

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