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Delta H.100

Delta H.100

Delta H100 is a hand cleaner for effortless removal of oils, greases, tar, bitumen, inks, printing inks, etc.

Delta H.100 is a high-quality, skin-friendly hand cleaner with a high-quality synthetic grain and provides durable skin protection.

The product is greasy to the skin and is pH neutral.

Dermatologically tested.

Packaging: 10kg and 4 x 4kg.


It probably comes as no surprise that an old-fashioned bar of soap is a breeding ground for bacteria. Liquid soap, preferably from a pump, is preferred. Hand alcohol wins in hospitals. It is faster, more efficient and more user-friendly. In a domestic context, ordinary soap will do. Disinfecting gels not only kill pathogens, but also bacteria that are important for our health. In addition, the gels can lead to resistance development. Not only for the relevant products, but also for medication such as antibiotics. You can always buy hand hygiene via our webshop.


  • Moisten hands with water and take a sufficient amount of liquid soap.
  • Rub the palms together.
  • Rub the right palm over the left back of the hand and vice versa.
  • Rub the right palm against the left palm with the fingers of both hands between each other.
  • Bring the backs of the fingers into the other palm and rub the fingers back and forth against this palm.
  • Rub the thumb of each hand with the palm of the other hand.
  • Rub the fingertips of each hand into the palm of the other hand in a circular motion.
  • Rinse hands well to remove all soap residue.
  • Pat hands dry with a disposable towel.
  • Close the tap with the towel so that your hands don’t get reinfected with microbes that are on the tap.
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