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Coretron granules

СORETRON pellets are an efficient nutritional supplement and a granulated carrier for vitamins, essential oils and bacteria and are used in premixes and feed mixes for livestock and poultry.


CORETRON granules are made through thermal treatment of diatomite, a unique natural material. Diatomaceous earth or celite is an organogenic sediment that consists wholly or for the most part of the skeletons of single-celled diatoms or diatoms. Other names for this type of soil are silica, kieselguhr, kieselguhr, mountain flour and infusoria earth.

Coretron korrels

Storage Requirements :
Store in original container in a clean, dry, well-ventilated and odorless area. Storage temperature between -25°C and +40°C.

Storage period: 2 years after production date

Benefits of CORETRON granules:

  • CORETRON pellets can be used as a carrier for vitamins, essential oils and bacteria and are used in premixes and feed mixes for livestock and poultry .
  • Because of the thermal treatment of CORETRON Granules, it is free of all organic impurities.
  • CORETRON pellets can be mixed with feed up to +105 ° C.
  • CORETRON granules absorb and remove a wide range of mycotoxins, which are poisons produced by organisms of the fungal family such as mushrooms, filamentous fungi and yeast.
  • CORETRON granules improves the absorption of nutrients.

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