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What is non woven?

Non-woven proves time and again to be an ideal cleaning cloth, whether it’s efficiency or waste disposal. In the production of non-woven, two phases, which are essential in making traditional textile cloth, are combined into one phase. After all, fibers are processed into cloth without first spinning a thread. Different bonding methods (chemical bonding, thermo bonding, mechanical or hydrojet bonding) and the type of fibers used (cellulose, viscose, polyester, polypropylene…) determine the characteristics of the final product. The far-reaching perfection of the production units increasingly guarantees high quality

Non woven fleece cloths light fur

Size: 37cm x 37cm
Packaging: per 10 kg
Pallet: 30pc

Non woven fleece cloths fur

Size: 37cm x 37cm
packing: 10kg bales
palette: 30 bales

Non woven fleece cloths fur

Size: 37cm x 37cm
Packaging: 10 kg bales
Palette: 30 bales

Double stitched fabrics extra strong

Size: 35cm x 35cm
Packaging: per 1000 pieces
Palette: 10 x 27kg.

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